Secured Venture Capital is able to fully facilitate the process for investment by non-residents wishing to access the concessions available under the various government programs. Changes to the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) and the introduction of a Premium Investor Visa (PIV) have now commenced. The new Complying Investment Framework for the SIV and introduction of the PIV are aimed at attracting applicants with business and entrepreneurial skills and capital to enhance investment into innovative Australian businesses and the commercialisation of Australian ideas, research and development.

Under the new arrangements, SIV applicants will be required to invest at least $5 million over four years in complying investments, which must now include:

Previously, investment through the SIV programme was largely going into passive investments like government bonds and into residential real estate schemes — areas that already attract large capital flows. Direct investment in real estate has never been a complying investment for SIV and this will not change under the new arrangements. Indirect investment in residential real estate through managed funds will also now be limited. Importantly, a SIV holder can still independently invest in residential real estate so long as it complies with foreign investment rules, but this would not count as a complying investment to qualify for a visa.

The Premium Investor Visa (PIV) has been introduced to attract a small number of highly talented and entrepreneurial individuals who can translate those skills and talents into areas which deliver a long-term economic benefit to Australia. The PIV will be available at the invitation of the Australian Government only, with potential recipients to be nominated by Austrade. Please note, the Government will be highly selective in determining who is offered the opportunity to apply for a PIV, and unsolicited expressions of interest will not be accepted.


Secured Venture Capital is also able to facilitate investment into Australian businesses through its Section 132 Entry Program and Section 188 Programs.

We have successfully guided many offshore residents in the areas of: